International Export and Quarantine

With the worldwide recognition and interest in owning Scott Creek horses we became faced with somewhat of a dilemma. The selling of the horses we were familiar with. The shipping of them International Shipping Of Miniature Horses By Scott Creek Farminternationally we were not. So when we started selling horses internationally we found out there was a blinding series of procedures and requirements by the USDA, foreign governments, shipping companies that had to be met before the horses could move. Suffice it to say that over a period of years Joanne has become well informed and quite efficient with the entire quarantine and international shipping procedures.

Scott Creek Farm has met the requirements of the USDA as anMiniature Horse Export Service With Scott Creek Farm accepted quarantine facility for miniature horses. Being one of the few facilities on the west coast of the US we have provided quarantine service for numerous individuals who have made international sales to European countries.

As an outgrowth of the quarantine service, Joanne has also become somewhat of a “travel agent” for international horse shipments departing from our farm. There is a substantial amount of coordination that must occur between veterinarians, USDA officials, air transport companies, foreign import agents and governmental officials. The accompanying paperwork required for the export of each horse is voluminous with each of the entities relying on the other to make the whole exercise work successfully.

Horses are transported by air cargo flight. For the safety of the horses they are either housed in a custom made shipping box we make or in a standard horse tray provided by the air cargo company.

When the horses are cleared to be exported, Joanne or another qualified attendant accompanies the horses on the flight to assure their trip is safe and comfortable and that all of the legal documents are hand carried to the destination.Miniature Horse Export

We have also organized shipments to Australia and New Zealand although the quarantine and shipping requirements are substantially more limiting in these cases. There are a very limited number of options available for shipping to these countries and to a large extent the quarantine facilities and locations are dictated by the shipping companies and locations where horses depart from.

Mini Horse International Shipping

Joanne’s Atlantic crossings have seen horses go to England, France, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Azerbaijan for a large number of folks who have joined the miniature horse community from “across the pond”. We have also sold and shipped horses “across the Pacific pond” to Korea. We have shipped horses throughout Canada and arranged for some to go to Panama as well.