Little King Napoleon


This elegant black pinto, foaled in 1983, measures 29 3/4 inches tall. His refinement and movement are exceptional for a stallion of his small size. Napoleon was shown only briefly before being retired to stud. His personal success in the show arena led him to be awarded numerous Grand Championships and Supreme Halter Horse awards in his short career. When one considers the small number of mare’s that this stallion is bred to each year (5 to10) and the phenomenal success that his get have had over the years, his prowess as a herd sire is hard to believe. The offspring of Napoleon are “all-around horses” By this we mean that they possess elegant traits that allow them to be successful in halter conformation as well as winners in driving and other performance challenges. Napoleon has been awarded the National Honor Roll Grand Champion Get of Sire (national high point award). Previous halter winners include such titles as:
National Champion Senior Mares 28″ and UnderNational Champion Amateur Junior Halter Stallion
Res. Nat. Champion Amateur Senior MareNational Champion Yearling GeldingNumerous National Top Ten Halter WinnersMany National Honor Roll Halter Winners
In the performance division where movement and way of going are so important, Napoleon’s offspring shine equally brightly. Sons and daughters of Napoleon have won awards in all aspects of performance ranging from Pleasure Driving and Roadster, to Hunter and Liberty classes. Some of the specific awards are:
National Champion Roadster Horse
National Champion Country Pleasure HorseNational Champion Ladies RoadsterNational Champion Open HunterNational Grand Champion Pleasure Driving National Champion Driving 32″ and underRes. Nat. Champion Amateur Obstacle Driving National Champion Pleasure Driving GeldingNat. Top Ten in Liberty, Obstacle, DrivingNational Honor Roll in Performance Classes
Napoleon is the only stallion to have sired 4 different National Champion Driving horses and the two time National Best All-Around Champion at the AMHA National Show.
Napoleon is an exceptional sire producing balanced, correct, atheletic offspring that are a credit to the miniature horse industry, an asset to any breeding program and a joy to own due to their wide ranging capabilities.   We are happy to announce that Summer Sayles, of Vintage Farm, in Estacada, OR is now the owner of Little King’s Napoleon.  Summer is an wonderful talent in the miniature horse industry.  Summer’s knowledge and credibility and commitment to miniature horse industry is serving Napoleon’s reputation well.