Stallions & Geldings for Sale

The best horses in the world come from Scott Creek Farm. Our horses are national champions in New Zealand, Australia, England and Europe as well as all over the United States. Their genetic potency is being realized by breeders worldwide. The horses listed here show extreme diversity both in price and possible use. We have reasonably priced individuals that may fit the needs of the person looking for an intriguing and offbeat pet. You will also find horses listed that are well pedigreed breeding and top show quality  horses for the discriminating enthusiast or breeder looking to enhance one’s own herd.


In addition to these horses we have  other top quality miniature horses for sale. Contact us for information on our mini horse sales. Frequently our foals are spoken for as they are born. If you have a particular interest in our horses, we encourage you to contact us early.









SCOTT CREEK MONARCH INDIO- This 2006 super black 32 inch stallion definitely has the look of a miniature Arabian.  He was shown successfully as  a Junior stallion.  He was used as one of the herd sires at Pura Vida Ranch until they retired. This year Indio came back to Scott Creek with several of his World Champion siblings.  Since we have his full brother, Scott Creek Indi Go 500,  we are offering Indio for sale.   If you like the beautiful Arabian look, Indio has a face as beautiful as his sire, Sierra Dawn Uno’s Monarch.


CONDERS MAKE ANOTHER EXCEPTION- MAX is a double dilute(perlino) pinto measuring 32 inches.Max The Double Dilute Pinto Bred By Scott Creek Farm   He possesses the genetics to produce pinto and buckskin. Being double dilute, he should always produce the dilute..buckskin, smokey black, etc. His first 2013 filly, Bevs Supreme Exception, was a buckskin pinto who has won several grand champion junior mare awards her first year.    Max has proven he can sire top quality.  Max’s pedigree brings the refinements of the First Knight lines.  His sire, Conders Exception to the Rules, is a multi world champion producing sire. Consider Max to  add that something special to your breeding program. Sold Congratulations Mr. Hong




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