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We are pleased to include a page of comments we have received from various clients around the world.  These comments cover the entire range of Miniature Horse ownership, business and fun.  We hope you find them informative and the information they contain, educational, enjoyable reading and an additional source for sharing a wide variety of views on the Miniature horse experience.

John from Australia – August 2011

“It is with great pleasure that I write to you today.  Firstly, because the horse is exactly the horse that I had hoped that I had bought & secondly that he surely is indeed. Everything that you spoke to me about in questions asked and answered were spot on.  My hope has been all along that I wasn’t being taken down again.

As I mentioned to you previously, I had bought a mini in good faith from one of the most recognizable studs in the USA a couple of years ago and was lied to. It cost me not only a lot of money that we went out on a limb to find but it cost me some faith in people.  You have been able to restore my faith by your honesty and integrity in how you have treated me.  For that I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I had not called you for a while because little did you know that I received a photo of the horse when he arrived in N.Z., a month back.  The photo was horrific to say the least.  Again My heart fell as did my family’s when I forwarded them a copy of the shot.  All I could do was to be patient and wait for the confirmation one way or another when he arrived here.  So it has been a trying time.  But this morning I received a call to inform me of his arrival.  Tears filled my old eyes as they began to rave about just how good the horse was.  I was told that this horse will be a superstar in the show ring.  He has wonderful movement, his back end, his neck, etc., etc.

So that’s the story, Joanne and God is good in it all….

We are not only excited but very thankful to you, Joanne.  You do know horses.  You do understand what it takes to be successful and you are a lovely, honest lady…Thank You!”

Cathie Edmunds, California – September 2012

“Again thank you so much for your time and consideration. I routinely get asked why I have purchased so many horses from you and my response is it’s because of your honesty and integrity. I always know that I’m purchasing a horse of quality and that I never have to worry about what type of horse I’m getting (they are always what you tell me they are) or the condition that they will arrive in. As you very well know, we have to be so careful who we do business with in this industry, and being able to deal with someone I completely trust and have confidence in is priceless. Your honesty, integrity and ethics is well appreciated.”

Scott Creek Miniature Horse Farm
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